Why Play NFFC
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First and foremost is the trust you can have in the NFFC.
You can trust us to pay in full. You can trust us to pay on time. You can trust us to run first-class live events and first class contests with fair rules for everyone. When you send in your hard-earned money to play in the NFFC, you can rest assured that when you win you'll receive your prize payment in full and in record time. Over the last 19 years, the NFBC, NFFC and NFBKC has paid more than $82 million in prizes and we look forward to adding to that total in 2023. There has NEVER been an issue with payments in the NFFC and we'll make sure there never will be.
Secondly, you can rest assured that you'll enjoy playing in the NFFC.
There's nothing quite like a live fantasy football draft, with all of the owners right there in the same room, looking across the table at each other, eyeing the same draft board with similar draft strategies in mind. And it's even better when a $7,000 league prize is at stake and a $250,000 grand prize is sure to be won by one of the fortunate participants.

Here is what makes live drafts so great in the National Fantasy Football Championship and a breakdown of how the events are organized:
  • You are as Powerful as An NFL Owner: You pick the players, you set the starting lineups, you cut the players and you sign the hot new free agents. YOU are responsible for this team winning or losing this year and nobody else.
  • Make New Friends: You are guaranteed to meet new die-hard NFL fans just like yourself from all across the country.
  • Have Fun at The Ultimate Draft Party: Imagine sitting in a large room with multiple drafts going on at once. Everyone talking about football, smack talking and drinking beer or soda. It is an awesome sight to see a dozen or more draft boards in the same room and hearing "Christian McCaffrey" echoed multiple times at once when the first pick is made in that room. It's 2+ hours of football fun you'll never find anywhere else.
  • Prove Your Greatness against The Ultimate Competition: You'll get to personally know all of the guys in your league that you'll be banging heads with for the $7,000 league prize and possibly the $250,000 grand prize.
  • Get Your Sleeper: The thrill of making that pick before the one-minute time limit runs out, with all of your league mates anxiously waiting to see who you are going to draft. Then drafting the sleeper that everyone wants. You got him now. You OWN him.
  • Sharing The Experience With Friends or Family: Drafting together is a great way to get close and stay close all season whether with a best friend, a son, a daughter or even your spouse. Besides, it is a one-of a kind party atmosphere for football fans.
  • Get Early Bragging Rights: Seeing all the draft boards once the day is done is a reward in itself. Watching people peruse your draft and throw compliments (or trash talk) about your 10th round pick is a great feeling. Our members stick around after the drafts and analyze the other leagues' draft boards, while getting to know members outside their immediate league. Meet more people, talk more football.
  • Play for $250,000 Cash, GUARANTEED: Now imagine winning the $250,000 Primetime grand prize at season's end like Clark Olson did last year. Let's admit it, this should be No. 1. Best of all, you're playing with a proven product as the NFFC has a track record of success and trust in the fantasy industry!
Live Drafts In New York, Las Vegas and Online:
Here's how the live drafts will work:
  • Leagues will be randomly chosen in each city and 14-team Classic and 12-team Primetime leagues will be formed once signups are closed. KDS will be run after the leagues are randomly chosen and the draft order will be announced for each league at least five days in advance of the draft.
  • Teams will be seated in order of the serpentine draft in a U-shaped format with teams 1 through 5 down the left side (1-4 in 12-team leagues), teams 6 through 9 at the bottom of the U (5-8 in 12-team leagues) and teams 10 through 14 up the right hand side (9-12 in 12-team leagues).
  • A draft screen will be at the front of the U-shaped draft room for each league and color-coded stickers for each position will appear on the screen when each NFL player is selected. In fact, a big sticker of the selected player with a picture of that player will appear on the screen for all to see so that there is no confusion on the pick and then the draft board with every pick to that point with colored stickers will appear after that. Worksheets will also be available for each team owner to keep track of their league and team selections.
  • One draft facilitator will work each league, keeping track of the one minute time limit for each selection, announcing the selections and selecting the players that go up on the board.
  • Each team has a 1-minute time limit to make each selection.
  • The draft continues for 20 rounds for the Classic and 20 rounds for the Primetime, with a 15-minute break after Round 10.
  • All owners must fill up the 10 required starting spots with their draft picks by Round 20, but can pick as many backups at any position that they'd like.
  • Food and drinks are part of the live drafts, paid by SportsHub Games Network. Buffets will open after the live drafts, giving everyone a chance to stick around the draft room, analyze the various draft boards in that city and giving everyone an opportunity to meet like-minded fantasy football die-hards.

It's all good fun and great competition. If you want to compete against the best, then join the NFFC and prove your mettle. Good luck everyone.


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